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Mike Golub

About Mike Golub

Mike Golub is a sports industry leader with over three decades of experience at the highest levels in the industry. Mike received his BA from Dartmouth College and his MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Mike’s time as an administrator has spanned all five major sports at either the team or league level, and he has managed a variety of highly successful sports institutions throughout his career. Mike has launched three successful sports teams, operated several others, and has played a vital role in managing venues in both large and small markets. From the construction of arenas and stadia such as Fed Ex Forum and Providence Park to helping start and spearhead a global sports entertainment division at Nike, Mike Golub has been an instrumental and influential leader of dozens of high profile sports ventures responsible for bringing growth to the industry.

One of Mike Golub’s most notable accomplishments in stewarding leagues is his work launching and growing the National Womens Soccer League (NWSL). As a founding league board member and as chair of several board committees Mike was integral to the exponential growth of women’s soccer. Mike was the President of Business for the Portland Thorns, where he helped the team grow into an internationally acclaimed award-winning organization and the most well attended and highest grossing professional women’s sports team in the world.

Mike is a proponent of contributing to development in his industry. He has experience serving on a wide variety of nonprofit and private boards of directors, is the Past President of the Portland Business Alliance, has experience teaching classes at the Football Business Academy in Geneva, and guest lectured at numerous universities over the course of his career. Mike believes that facilitating conversations in the world of sports is an excellent way to serve as a resource for others who want to further innovate the landscape and bring it into the future.

Mike Golub
Mike Golub on site at the Portland Timbers Providence Park Expansion

Mike Golub has built a reputation for his commitment to helping communities through sports. Mike’s organizations have become well known for structuring initiatives for philanthropy and community programs. Through his dedication to people and fostering a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment in his space, Mike has been able to form fruitful community partnerships and maintain strong working relationships across the sports landscape.

Awards and Accolades

Major League Soccer
Executive of the Year (x2)

25 Most Influential People
in Oregon Sports (x12)

Portland’s 50
Most Influential People

Mikw Golub

A Platform for Sports Management Insights and More

Mike Golub has learned through his decades of experience in sports that it is the help of mentors and those who have paved the way within the industry that helps create opportunities for the next generation of talent.

One of the most interesting things about the world of sports is that there is always more to learn and new ways to bring success to the organizations that one serves.

Mike Golub.org was created as a platform for sports marketing and management insights based on Mr. Golub’s experience in the field.

Have you ever wondered about the processes involved in building and maintaining successful sport’s institutions?

This site has you covered with information on topics such as:

Sports Marketing

Mike specializes in sports marketing and speaks about how it is a valuable skill for spurring revenue growth, increasing ticket sales, and better connecting with audiences and fans. There are a lot of moving parts in the sports marketing arena, which is why resources that break down some of the key concepts are extremely important for professionals who may want to break into the industry themselves.
From Mike’s insights on some of the leading sports marketing trends of the past few years to innovative solutions based on thought leaders’ views of the current landscape, expect that sports marketing content will explore a variety of essential touchpoints and inspire others to make more informed marketing decisions.

Team Management

Well managed teams have everything that they need to keep top sports talent, maintain high-level staff, bring in sizeable audiences, and ultimately represent their sport at the highest caliber. What Mike realizes, however, is that many of us are unaware of the hard work that goes on both publicly and behind the scenes to ensure that team management is kept to the highest standards possible. If you have ever wondered about the processes involved in sports management, whether that be skills that best suit professionals for the work, effective leadership strategies, or anything in between, this website is the perfect place for you. Tune in for more team management content exploring the realities of leadership across the five major sports.

Professional Development for Sports Leaders

Professional development is crucial in just about any industry, with sports standing as no exception to this rule. When you consider just how much the space changes year over year, there are many considerations for sports leaders as they look to adapt, bring positive change, and assist their organizations and collaborators on the path to success.

That being said, Mike Golub is a continued proponent of professional development through his work on boards and professional organizations, development of mentorship and community engagement pathways, and more. For professional development insights exploring concepts such as learning opportunities, skill development, and finding ways to contribute to development within the industry, be sure to tune in!

Community Programs and Philanthropy

Community programs and philanthropy work are valuable ways to make positive contributions to the world around us, empowering us to connect with others, assist them as they deal with life’s challenges, and cause a chain reaction that encourages others to get more involved as well. By drawing from Mike Golub’s experience both developing and maintaining community programs and philanthropy channels, this website aims to help others connect with their passion for giving back.

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